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xIt Never Rainsx
28 August 1981
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I found out blogging is a good way to maintain sort of an online diary. It's cool, you don't even need pen and paper and you can do it from anywhere in the world. I've found myself writing from all kinds of weird places. When the mood comes, I guess it's good to put those thoughts down... some times happy, sometimes sappy, it's all part of life, and it's okay!

So... a few things about me... Mmmm it's weird to present yourself in a nutshell, but also interesting so I'll try. Right now (June '08) i am a 27 year old dude from Athens Greece, I'm vegetarian, into Buddhism, and just trying to take it easy and make my way in the world. (Maybe the above phrase reads kinda corny, but that's really what my life could be summed up into I guess.) I work a shitty job, I'm okay with that because it pays the bills and at the end of the day I'm always on the lookout for something better, it will come. I've studied in Uni etc etc, but who wants to read about that it's boring!?

I'm also heavily into hardcore punk music. Here are some of the bands I listen to:

SHELTER--Ray Capo's "krishna"core melodic hardcore band-great!!!
BETTER THAN A THOUSAND--like the above, but faster and with swearing (and with sonme awesome musicianship)
YOUTH OF TODAY--80s legendary straight edge band
CAUSE FOR ALARM--another great, GREAT spiritually influenced hardcore band from the past...
REACH THE SKY--keeping the youthcrew flag up during the 90s, and with more "emotional" lyrics
GOOD CLEAN FUN--When I feel totally energetic, I'll listen to this. Fast! Positive! Hardcore!
SIDE BY SIDE--This band is not very well known, but really cool nevertheless. Fast f*ck hardcore with garage-y production sound
SHUTDOWN--Baggy pants, baseball caps and a phat hardcore sound-typical 90s NY band
xDISCIPLE ADx--Christian hardcore? You bet. Killer!
BROTHER's KEEPER--Tattoo artist Mike Skii's old band. Freaking awesome dude, the vocals are insance and the guitar is psycho!


I read a lot, I meditate, I go out 3 or 4 times a week to drink and socialize...